Dear Bill,

I do not plan to come to N.Y. I am going up to the border for a new tourist card, and will return the same day. If Jack wants to talk to me he will have to come to Mexico City or at least to the border[1].

It’s such an agreeable air down here in the heat. No-one cares for the lame seeking fame and why would they? The humans here are loose and dance with no consideration for being presentable. Save your ink for another time.

Some visions have been put to paper. Some may be put onto canvas. It is the extension from surface to space which is an obstacle I’ve yet to overcome. Too many boxes, and there’s nothing within. Maybe I should get a pussy to keep me company? I’ve seen them play for hours with empty packages. Crude.

The new space is a relief from the last cell, but still a few steps are to be taken until the mould breaks. Maybe Putin will destroy everything before I get to the border…sometimes I hope so, but he’s too clever for that. He knows where the mouse is.

I have some difficult writing ahead. Do not jerk-off to hastily posted online comments .







[1] The Letters of William S. Burroughs 1945-59. (Ed, Oliver Harris). Picador. London. 1994


Proper Moral T

When I was home I fell into a disgusting state of stagnation and excess, said Burroughs. I looked up and that was all. Sweat and smell arose from my hopes.

Did you know the imagination leaves the gifted amongst us hopelessly adrift? You say there are no creatives except those with original ideas. Who on earth can claim the original idea from which all sprang? I don’t think it was my neighbour. He growls at moving the bins.

Was it God? If he existed he never had an original idea because he never wrote His own story. Sometimes it pays to pay attention to the heap of clothes in the doorway. There’s originality in the brutality purist sense.

Very few people have empathy or any real courage to create something nowadays. It’s all status and property: a tomb one works for day in, die out. Never upset the rhythm or you’ll never own your own crypt.

A cross word is all it takes with Lichtenstein to get you in the cell. There’s no lawyer, only the Judge – and their book is full of morals no-one else has heard of. You’d get better legal advice from the heap of clothes.



Knowledge is…

Whilst complicated situations continue to present the world with increasing uncertainty about how to successfully and peacefully resolve situations without the need for sustained military involvement, I can’t help but feel despair towards proposed cuts to budgets allowing many people from various socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to question their history, and position in this world through further and higher education.

If the many are given opportunities to expand their circumstances this presents a dilemma to the powerful; the “unwashed” through the acquisition of knowledge are able to counter claims and introduce arguments against the accepted ways of doing things: Knowledge is Power and Currency.

This is similar to drug prohibition: if the many are given readily available access to things that stimulate considered and cynical questions leading to a provocative viewpoint, this may lead to an uprising against the staus quo.

So, take the loans, sign up to university. Fuck the cost. You won’t pay it back until you earn enough necessary to do so. And, if you play the game, you will never have to pay it back. Although the government will then have a massive shortfall in the revenue raised, they should have thought about that before we fought about that.